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Ajay created a new topic ' DT Token is fast becoming the most favoured crypto' in the forum. 6 months ago

Hey guys,
Its exciting to see so many new innovative cryptocurrencies coming in the market. A new cryptocurrency that seems to have caught the fancy of Indians is DT Token (DRACO). It has been developed by a Lee Gibson Grant and is backed by multiple projects and utilities. What's even better is that it is available at a steal price in 2 of the exchanges, namely, Bittrex.com and C-cex.com
Quite a many groups are actively buying DRACO and they believe this is one currency that will create massive value addition in the lives of online users and beyond.
I hope it can live to its expectation and we can make good profit by properly timing our entry into it and participating in its projects.
Let's connect on this forum and discuss our strategies regarding DT Token. I look forward to have the develop join us and communicate as well.
Good Luck.

Ajay P.


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