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Bankers, supermodels and computer wizards are all coming to the island of Agistri on 26 Sept.

On Saturday 26th of September the small island of Agistri will host the trial launch of a groundbreaking new project that aims to help stimulate economic growth and increase tourism in Greece, via the use of new digital currency and what is being termed a ‘Social Trading Ecosystem’.

The Drachmae Project has established its base of operations on Agistri in order to experiment with a new form of digital currency based on 'blockchain technology' that the local residents and tourists  will be able to experiment with on the 26th of September.

While digital currencies such as bitcoin have been proven at providing a means to remove capital from an economy, such as Greece, bitcoin has not shown that adoption and use can actually drive economic growth. The Drachmae project says it aims to prove it can be achieved.

The experiment will be using a digital token called 'Nautilus' that will be freely interchangeable with the Euro, GBP, USD and can be used for payments or exchange of goods and services on the island. To support this new currency and promote the local businesses a specially created website, Drachmae Connect, where local businesses can advertise to international tourists, network with other digital currency users and promote their business in a social network style. Users who share, like and promote services receive loyalty & reward points that can be exchanged for Nautilus or for discounts on real goods and services in local hotels and bars, thereby creating a new social business environment.

To support this ground breaking trial, a launch event where each local resident and business that attends and learns about the experiment will be given €100 worth of Nautilus and encouraged to use it locally. The day will include;

  • Digital currency for local businesses and tourists and encourage new technology development in Greece.

  • Drachmae Workshop, Local businesses and residents will be welcomed to Alterego Bar at Hotel Yianna, to find out how to use this new digital currency and receive €100 each, FREE.

  • BBQ Launch Party. With their free money locals will be able to purchase tickets and buy drinks at the BBQ party as a way of encouraging it’s use and seeing how it can be used in real life situations.

If successful the Drachmae project will extend into other regions of Greece, such as Kalamata, where at the end of November Drachmae will present at a conference for 1000 Hotels and Unions alongside the Mayor of Kalamata and senior business officials. International businesses have also shown interest to understand how they can increase tourism across Greece.

To support wider promotion of the project and Agistri, Nautilus is sponsoring Athena a new fashion based TV show. Filming of the pilot (Pre-Shoot) will take place during the 26th at various locations and businesses around the island with a mini fashion show in the evening. Interest has already been strong with international TV stations keen to air the show. With international coverage Athena aims to support Agistri and Greek Tourism. As traditional with Fashion shows an after party will be held at the local Taboo club where attendees will be able to use the Nautilus currency.

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