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A bitcoin-like solution for Greece

CNBC Article 8th of May 2015 by Brian Kelly

 Drachmae: a Bitcoin-like Solution for Greece’s Troubled Economy

Bitcoin Magazine 14th May 2015 by Giulio Prisco

 Drachmae: Could bitcoin-inspired currency be the answer to Greece's economic woes?

International Business Times Article 15th of May 2015 by Anthony Cuthbertson


 Interview with Drachmae


 Could a digi-drachma avert a Grexit?

Reuters BY JEMIMA KELLY June 5th 2015


 Electronic currency can rescue Greek economy

The Argus by Finn Scott-Delany Tuesday 9 June 2015


 Worried about Greece holidays? Should you go, where to stay, safety tips - facts to know

Sunday Express Newspaper 3rd July 2015 by FELICITY


 Greek Economic Crisis: Is A 'Parallel' Currency The Answer?

Forbes 5th of July 2015 Roger Aitken


Greek island agrees to test digital currency

CNBC 8th of July 2015 by Brian Kelly


 Thanos Marinos talks to RT International 10th July 2015


Tourists nearly absent for Greek island's peak season

Greek islands, normally packed this time of year, are struggling to get by. CNN's Phil Black reports. 11th July 2015


Criptomonedas y Blockchain formarán parte del show televisivo ‘Athena’ en la isla griega de Agistri

criptonoticias by Jaime Sandoval 24th August 2015


 Pro Talks with Brian Kelly, Brian Kelly Capital 24th September 2015 CNBC

 Digital currency ecosystem tested on island

TechCityNews 23rd November 2015 Nia Williams


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