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Drachmae Project started out in April 2015 as a paper concept that established various use cases to prove the viability of blockchain technologies or to debunk their applicability. The project went on to become a REAL LIVE use case and Greece was chosen as an exploratory geographical market.

Drachmae Project has gathered and collated the data gleaned during this process, and is now planning enterprise grade solutions.

In 2016 Drachmae will launch ventures in Travel and Telecommunications. Both of these ventures will address specific niches. Particular value is found within the manner the blockchain technology interacts with specific regulatory compliance areas around Data.

Drachmae is partnering with Chainreactor, a provider of fast and scalable blockchain platforms, to create the permissioned DT-Chain network. The network will exhibit interoperability with public blockchains, specifically NXT and Ethereum. While Drachmae has used NXT as its prefered public chain, it is now adding Ethereum to enhance capability. DT-Chain enhances use cases where private networks or jurisdictional control are imperative.

Founder of Drachmae Project , Lee Gibson Grant, says ”In 2015 Drachmae Project was hampered in several cases where Jurisdictional control and private network security was a requirement. Teaming up with Chainreactor to create DT-Chain will allow us to continue our work from 2015. Whilst I investigated providers such as Eris and Credits I wanted greater flexibility in designing our platform. The partnership with Chainreactor gives us the features and insights we wanted.

A key objective of DT-Chain is to have frictionless data and process flow between our permission based node network and public (permissionless) blockchains. This removes many of the obstacles identified during our earlier exploratory work, and satisfies project requirements. The scalability of the platform in terms of speed, throughput and storage capacity means we are not technically constrained in the growth of our business. We are also able to enable contributing partners to build out their own solutions on and alongside the Drachmae Project if needed.

About Drachmae Project:

Drachmae project acts as incubator for use cases to discover potential opportunities in real life scenarios that are not paper based, how this is achieved via partnering with channel partners running parallel services to their existing infrastructures core objective is to provide viable hybrid solutions to SME up to corporate business models that onboard businesses to blockchain technology that may in return rollout to the consumer base in a practical way.

About Chainreactor: Chainreactor provides a high performance, permissioned blockchain enablement platform to enterprises. Complex data management and node support for SQL and NoSQL databases allows Chainreactor to be used in conjunction with existing systems.

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