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Drachmae Project Update:

Missing Person or refugee a trans national blockchain solution





On Sunday the 19th I will be in Dover travelling to Calais. There, I will be visiting refugee camps and interviewing different people and organisations about issues that affect all refugees migrating to the European zone. I will then follow a route that refugees are taking from Italy to Calais (tracing it back from Calais to Italy). From Italy I will then continue on to Greece and follow one of the routes refugees take from Greece to Germany, via the Balkans.

Why Do This? The objective is to gather actual live data as opposed to using the second hand and incomplete data that is available. Missing Person or refugee a trans national blockchain solution

I will be documenting the various stages of my journey and will up load it to social media (Some content may be contentious and contrary to generally held beliefs about the refugee crisis)



Donation received from Bitland 5000 Cadastral


ChainReactor to sponsor four high-speed Blockchain nodes



Getting Ready

Leaving Brighton 20h40 PM 18/06/2016 Arrive Dover 01h55 AM 19/06/2016


Arrival in Dover

Upon my arrival in Dover I got myself comfortable in the terminal to have a few hours sleep I was awoken several times by 3 guys which was immigrants walking around the Terminal and kept coming closer and closer to where I was located when I finally fell asleep I was woken by the same Three guys so I stood and asked them what they wanted they suddenly said do you want to buy Tobacco and I said no, they left so I already had a close in encounter without leaving the UK. Great start to the Trip.


I walked around the Terminal to get a better understanding of the layout and throughout the terminal you find 100s of CCTV Cameras, but even with that I was able to roam around the terminal at first i was looking for the foot passenger terminal and did not realise I was actually in the Terminal area so security has to be questioned.



DAY Two 19/06/2016

Calais Main Square


Upon our arrival in Calais we checked into a hotel then proceeded to visit local businesses in Calais and speaking to local people to gather their opinions and views relating to the Refugees and Jungle Camp, at 1st I was not sure if we was actually in the right place as I did not see any refugees walking around the streets in the area we was in even tho he camp is 4KM away at the closest point.


After speaking to the locals it became extremely clear the opinions and views relating to Refugees was as if invisible to the point the mention of Refugee or the jungle camp is TABOO.

What was established from these conversation that a few years ago it was so bad that refugees was sleeping on any corner and impacted the the local businesses which is now estimated to be loss of 40% in revenue to Calais businesses, therefore Refugees are only seen around the train station and not really in the main centre (you sometimes see 2 or 3 walking around)

I remember Calais when I was a kid it used to be very vibrant always hearing English spoken, but now it is pretty much a dying location not as Vibrant.




 DAY Three 20/06/2016


Arrival in the Jungle


 Arrival in Jungle Camp, Calais, France. We arrived early hours of the morning to enable us to walk around whilst people was sleeping and to take a few photos and videos without disturbing any of the Camp Immigrants, it is not advisable to film or take photos of immigrants on the camp as this is worse as invading their privacy but also could potentially put them at Risk or there family members that are still in there home country.




Quick Tour of the recreation area in the Camp


School Area Open every day French and English


End of Day overview of Jungle Calais


First Sign of Violence

Graffiti and Public Message behind the Church


Queues outside an organisation office that assists with asylum cases



Police vehicles outside the local police station




Calais Blockchain ideas Possible or Not


ArrivalThe principle point of the trip to Calais "Jungle" Refugee Camp is to establish various use cases if possible or not and what benefits could be achieved if any from what exists or needs to be built.




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