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Use case 2015 Agistri, Greece Drachmae Money

·GOOD (Guaranteed Once Only Delivery) – our transactional capability, will lower retrospective administration and the need for corrective actions.

·Reach – enhance existing distribution channels, beyond connected networks or devices, low dependency on distribution channel.

·Cost – transaction costa in remote environments prohibitive, carded & devices distribution channel cost high, mobility inclusion direct impact on bottom line.

·No bank access / illiterate / informal commercial market – beyond organised trade, inclusive across banks/ networks/ vendors/ products.

·Provisioning – delivered as a service, enhancing current delivery platform and legacy deliveries with concurrent non-repudiation.

·Risk / Fraud – closed, secure and encrypted system processes and transactions.

·Affiliation – pay per read, user affiliation.


Permission Based nodes under Jurisdictional control DT-Chain combined to NXT and Ethereum Core features via decentralization.

Platform is a merger of traditional mobile money and the latest developments in encrypted digital currencies.  The addition of this technology to the platform enables system transparency and transaction tracking.

The system will use virtual currency technology with a set amount of tokens created as requested. This technology will ensure that no counterfeit coin/token can be used in the system; this will be an internal private coin/token to transfer funds.

Permission Based Node Blockchain as secondary block chain in a peer-to-peer configuration complying to jurisdictional control and regulations.

These coins/tokens are redeemable for fiat currency at issuing banks by the project issuer. Our system will use local currency conversions for local agents verified by the issuer. Our flexible payment system can be accessed by all types of mobile phones from any network,  using either a simple text message, smart phone app, website or email. All payments and transfers are secured by password and/or PIN code request to confirm transfers. The platform can support USSD, number and short code integrations. The platform currently supports English, but other languages can be added as required. We envisage that customer support and platform support will be hosted locally with local jobs creation. 


·A complete anti-corruption payment system.

·Real-time tracking of every transfer.

  • Reporting tools needed in order to satisfy all request from the different controlling bodies.
  • (Accounting of the companies making the payment, auditors, financing bodies, authorities, bodies,  taxation).
  • Allows everyone to accept electronic payments for products and services or to transfer funds to family and friends.


Result - The platform to provide the following results.

Financial Benefits

·Reduce corruption dramatically.

·No additional hardware needed.

·A minimal financial commitment from the organization is required for deployment.

·Low transaction fees from 0.5% up to 10.00$ Capped.

·International transaction with exchange conversions as low as 1% fees.

Technical Benefits

·Fraud prevention and traceability of all transactions with full audit traceability.

·Using the existing mobile phone coverage and partnering with local services will enable the roll out to be achieved fast, efficiently and smoothly.

·Simple to use enables fast adoption of local agents that are approved by the organization.

·A set amount of coins/tokens are created.

·Coins/tokens must be returned to the organization for downstream local banks and merchants to cash out users.

·A check summary runs constantly to insure the integrity of the platform.


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